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Global Seafood Trading Platform

The Seafood Exchange will be a decentralized digital blockchain-enabled global seafood trading platform bringing transparency, liquidity, security and improved access to the $257 billion seafood market. We bring the full capital and AI supported technology stack, with flexible options, and a streamlined process that supports independent commercial fishing operations starting first in Asia, and then throughout the rest of the world.

Seafood Value Chain Support

Seafood Boats

We will help deploy commercial fishing boats, trawlers and purse seiners first throughout the South China Sea and then oceans around the rest of the world. Join our community .

Seafood Finder

Our autonomous uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) revolutionizes the precision in identifying shoals of fish while gathering other data all powered by wave and solar energy.

Seafood Monitoring

The location of the shoals of fish is sent from the USV to a satellite and then forwarded to our monitoring centers to be shared with our partner commercial fishing operators.

Seafood Processing

We will help set up new seafood processing facilities strategically placed around the world to support our partners in preparation for their catch to be sold on the Seafood Exchange.

Maritime Awareness

Additional cameras and sensors can be mounted on each USV to help deter and combat illegal fishing operations from nations entering waters to fish where they have no business being.

Maritime Monitoring

Deploying thousands of USVs over large ocean areas will form a distributed sensor network that will transmit activity data about commercial vessels via satellite to a cloud network for storage, real-time analysis and response.

Aquaculture Farms

Aquaculture is the practice of fish and seafood farming and now produces more seafood than wild catch. We will help set up and finance Aquaculture Farming operations in strategic places around the world.

Seafood Exchange

We use blockchain technology to trace and verify the origin of the seafood sold on our marketplace. This helps us ensure that all the seafood we sell is either wild-caught or farm-raised, and has not been obtained through illegal fishing or other fraudulent means.

Persistent Maritime Situational Awareness

The wave glider is the first self-powered, aqueous robot that runs continuously without electricity. The Seafood Exchange’s goal is to deploy thousands of Autonomous Surface and Underwater vehicles  across the globe to support commercial fishing operations while gathering other ocean data to help protect, support and advance coastal nation’s Blue Economies.


Helping Create A Connected Multinational Commercial Fishing Fleet

How do smaller nations compete against a super power that deploys a 17,000 maritime militia of distant water commercial fishing vessels that engage in illegal fishing operations stealing the aquatic natural resources of other countries?

The Seafood Exchange is currently under development.